text -l “Fields” -font “boldLabelFont” -al “left” -w 150 fieldText;


columnLayout -rs 5 fieldsLayout;

rowLayout -nc 2 fieldsButtonLayout;

button -l “Use Selected” useSelectedFieldButton;

button -l “Create New” createNewFieldButton;



rowLayout -nc 4 newFields;

radioCollection fieldRadioButtons;

radioButton -enable 0 -l “Gravity” gravityButton;

radioButton -enable 0 -l “Turbulence” turbulenceButton;

radioButton -enable 0 -l “Drag” dragButton;

radioButton -enable 0 -l “Uniform” uniformButton;



separator -w 400;

rowLayout -nc 3 -w 400 -cw3 130 130 130 -cl3 “center” “center” “center” bottomButtons;

button -l “Create” -w 100 createButton;

button -l “Reset” -w 100 resetButton;

button -l “Close” -w 100 closeButton;


So, lately I have been scripting in Maya, MEL, will start Python next week. At the moment I’m working on a rigid body emitter. I have the basic deisgn of it down, a gui for it has been setup. Now it’s only the hard and possibly long task of linking it up and making it work together. I’ll let you know how it goes!