It’s not done yet, but most of the functions I wanted to put in this Rigid Body Emitter from the beginning is there. Please let me know if there is something you think is missing, or if you find a bug.

 I still haven’t added a check for what you have selected if you use the use selected button so be careful. Only select 1 emitter if you want to use the use selected emitter. Only select poly or nurbs objects if you want to use the use selected object.  Only select fields  if you want to use the use selected fields.

If you want to add another Rigid Body Emitter to your scene Close the create new emitter window and open it again from the RBE Main.

To install: Open RBE.mel in your script editor, select all and press execute (numpad Enter). Then to run the script, in the commandline, enter RBEMain and hit enter.

Known bugs:

The script/simulation breaks if you let it go past the end of your timeline, keep this in mind when playing back or batchrender. I’m working on a fix.


Please do not alter this script without my permission, and do not host it on other sites without my permission. Feel free to direct people here. If you use this script in a project I’d think it was awesome if you let me know but I won’t bite your head of if you don’t.